Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You get full access of our members area and if you find that our product doesn’t deliver as we described, simply request a refund within the next 60 days and you’ll get it, no questions asked.


  • Instructions on how to get consistent, monthly pay WITHOUT the need for new customers…
  • How to break up your products and covert them into a recurring (i.e. membership ) sales…
  • How to convert unhappy low figure sales into a profitable 5 figure income, month after month…
  • Even if I tumble off the embodiment of this earth, my family will still earn a consistent 5 figure monthly income…
  • With zero knowledge in design, coding or writing, not a problem! All you need to know is how to turn on your Mac or PC.
  • And much much more…

  • Membership sites are the easiest way to create user interaction.  If your goal is to create a closed community of committed people, this is the best way to go about it. You know everyone involved has paid something to get in, so oftentimes they will be more committed than the members of a free/open community.
  • Easy to update. Let’s face it, if you distribute your product as an ebook, it is less complicated, but it also makes it much more difficult to update.  Once it’s done it’s pretty much done, and after a couple years, or even months the content can grow stale and irrelevant.  With a membership site, adding or editing content is no more difficult than creating a blog post.
  • Allows you to distribute your message through more mediums. With a membership site its extremely easy to combine written content, pdf downloads, audio, and video into one product that will appeal to the largest variety of people possible depending on how they want to learn.  If you were to create a zip file with all of this stuff the file would be huge, and people will be more likely to skip over features because it isn’t constantly being put in front of them.
  • Allows you to generate recurring income. One of the most important questions you’ll need to consider is whether or not your site will be a one time fee or a recurring monthly charge.  We’ll talk about the benefits of both, but you can’t charge a monthly fee for an ebook.  This flexibility really makes for an attractive option.
  • The product will keep getting better. The more you allow for user interaction, the more information that’s being created within the site.  This only makes the site more valuable as time goes on.
  • Limited design knowledge. To create an ebook that looks good, you’ve gotta have some design chops.  Unless you want to do it all in Powerpoint…and trust me, you do NOT want to do it all in Powerpoint.  With a membership site, aside from a logo and a few random components you can use a pre-made WordPress theme and keep the designing to an absolute minimum.  This alone could be worth it for many of you.


With these “look-over-my-shoulder” videos, you’ll find out just HOW quick it can be to get a membership site up and running. Forget all the tech mumbo jumbo and coding nightmares, I’m going to debunk all those myths by holding your hand and showing you step-by-step what you’ll exactly need to do, even if you’ve never installed wordpress in your entire life.


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Look, I’m sure there are other business models which provide continuous income but each has their own downsides. Monthly audios and reports require constant content production as well as heavy uploads and downloads (requiring massive servers) and softwares require tons of labor and expertise to create and support its users.Therefore, I’ve realized that the best model to provide a steady continuous income is the Membership Site Business Model.



  • Learn how to tell which sites are winners and which one are not.
  • Discover why the multifaceted platforms make better subscription sites.
  • Learn how to customize your services and how to get them to come back again and again.
  • Uncover the life expectancy of your sites and others and what you can do to avoid that.


  • A closer look at the most successful types of membership sites.
  • How to avoid unnecessary risk with the failed web offers.
  • How to supply content for others sites and cash in on the other people.
  • (DIY) Do it yourself options can pull in audiences and make them subscribers.


  • Learn how to plan for any possible obstacles.
  • How to use free downloads, increase your email list and avoid pesky thieves from stealing your material without you collecting a penny.
  • Why creating viral videos is beneficial for generating traffic. Traffic Is King!
  • How to get subscribers to work for you and make you profit by being a unsolicited sales persons by creating a loyal community.
  • How to transform your twitter, facebook, and emerging social media to generate traffic, excitement and in the end, profit.


  • How to transform your subscribers to more then just clients , but to a thriving community where they have a sense of belonging.
  • Why transformation in your community base can provide unprecedented attention. Where you and everything you touch turns into gold ‘midas touch’.
  • How to keep the attention of your people for extended periods, by giving away ‘gifts’ and not just free stuff. Make it more personal. Also create social network so they can truly feel one with the community and inspires others to join.
  • Create a ladder process within the memberships options. How to reach the next level and model a persona of loyalty.


    • Acquire contributors to provide content for your site. Not only does it increases the variety to your site. Those contributors will send their own people or followers to the site increasing your traffic and later membership.
    • Piggy back other sites to offer incentives or pay to have their authors or bloggers to contribute to the site.
    • The bigger and more respected authors, bloggers etc. attached to your site, the more pull your site has.
    • Most tools on the web are free. Use them all!

      • Study your merchandise see what programs will work best for what you are doing.
      • Discover how to use and download wishlist, shell console or ftp client. Utilize the features, benefit from streamlined programs.
      • How to us wishlist for transactions and repeated customers.
      • How to use paypal for your site.
      • How to get others to use shell and ftp user to set-up and install WordPress, and how you benefit!


      • How to utilize your associates and earn plenty of money through others efforts. Avoiding common tragedies that so many other have already experience.
      • How to use pay per click (ppc).
      • How to effectively use both passive advertising and aggressive media.
      • How to use Paypal for your site.
      • How to use specials, bonuses with the incentive to drive them to higher memberships and lifelong members.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You get full access of our members area and if you find that our product doesn’t deliver as we described, simply request a refund within the next 60 days and you’ll get it, no questions asked.